Top Simple Tips for Quilting for Beginners

Do you want to know how to do quilting for beginners? Before we talk about the steps, let’s first focus on quilting.

Quilting is a process of stitching two to three layers of cloth together to make a padded material. It is usually made by hands, but you can do it with the use of a sewing machine.

Materials You Need for Quilting

Before you make easy quilt patterns for beginners, you need to prepare the necessary tools. Below are the materials you need to use for this crafting project:

  1. Hoop/Frame – to ensure you get smaller, even stitches, you need to keep the quilt stretched as you sew. You may use a quilting frame or a hoop to expand the quilt.

A frame ensures tension, holds the quilt’s weight and frees both hands for sewing. However, you cannot disassemble it unless you’re done with the project.

Meanwhile, hoops are less expensive and portable, making it a perfect tool for quilting for beginners. It also stretches the fabric but holds more quilt sheets.

  1. Quilting Needle – it is generally short with a small eye. It also comes in numerous sizes. However, if you want to make quilt patterns for beginners, a size 8 needle is the best option.
  2. Thimble – it serves as a protection to your fingers. This tool releases the pressure needed to push the needle and to sew the layers.
  3. Quilting Thread – it is essential to use a yarn that is made specifically for this type of stitching. Compared to a sewing fibre, this one is stronger and is made from 100% cotton.

Basic Techniques for Hand-Quilting

Now that you have the materials with you, it’s time to learn to quilt. Below are the tips you must follow when doing quilting for beginners:

  1. Prepare the quilting needle and the hoop or a frame. When doing basic quilting patterns with a hoop, you must leave the cloth less tense. In that way, you can stitch several layers all together.
  2. Get a yarn that is slightly thicker than a regular thread, and use a fibre that has the same colour of your fabric. You could also use pearl cotton if you want. However, you need to use a bigger needle as it is heavier than a standard quilting thread.
  3. Create a quilter’s knot. Making a knot is easy. In fact, it is one of the easiest steps on quilting for beginners.

Start by wrapping the thread around the needle. Do it three to four times. Pull the needle until the knot is formed.

  1. Hide the knots. To do this, you need to press the needle through the first fabric layer, then pull it back out the top. Tug the thread until the knot pops. However, you must make sure that it doesn’t come out on the other side.
  2. Start the quilting process. Create a stitch that goes through all sheets. If you can sew more layers at once, you can finish the project faster.
  3. Once you’ve reached the end of the yarn, repeat the fourth step to hide the knots. However, you must make sure that you leave enough yarn so you can do the step.

These are the basic tips for quilting for beginners. The best thing about it is that you can make simple quilt patterns for beginners with these procedures.

Now you know how quilt, why not tackle something a little more difficult such as upholsterering a chair in your home? Alternatively, you could make some lovely decorative pillows using what you’ve learned here.

Happy Crafting 🙂