Crochet for Beginners: Tips to Get You Started

Crochet for beginners is about making pieces of fabrics with the use of a hook and yarn. If you are familiar with knitting, learning to crochet becomes easier as the two are somewhat similar. The only difference between them is that only one loop is used in crochet. You can crochet blankets, socks, afghans, hairbands, hats, pillowcases, scarves, and many others. Crochet is perfect for making big projects and accessories.

Sizes of Crochet Hooks

A crochet hook or needle is usually made of aluminium, plastic, wood, tortoiseshell, stainless-steel, or bone. For projects that involve crochet for beginners, the built of the hooks is another factor to consider together with the hook sizes. This includes the finesse of the rods, the sharpness of the points, the handles, the back curve, and so on.

Manufacturers produce hooks depending on the brand, the age of the patterns and are branded according to the country that they’re made in. For example, a hook with a letter N means that it comes from the United States. On the other hand, Europe has aluminium and steel hooks with a standard marking engraved in the crochet hooks.

 Tips to Remember

  • An essential element in crochet is the stitches. When it comes to crochet for beginners, you need to learn several types of stitches, depending on your region. Absolute stitches are called in different terms. So, the first tip for you—familiarize yourself with the chain stitch.
  • It is important to choose the right size of the hook for something you are making. Pick the pattern you want to do and get the appropriate hook to go with the yarn. This will give you the correct gauge for your crochet pattern.
  • The yarn you use should be suitable for the pattern you are making. Know what fibre the yarn is made of as well as its thickness. Preferably, buy all the yarn that you need to finish a particular pattern.

Crocheting Technique

Start your crochet for beginners with a slip stitch. After that, you need some chain stitches of the same length. If you want to make a circular pattern, start creating a circle and then chain onto it. As soon as you finish the foundation line, remove the hook, turn it inward and work your way again. This is done by using a single or double stitch. It may curl slightly, but only until you have completed the third row.

Also, you need to keep count of the number of chain stitches you have crocheted. Make sure that every line after that should have the same number of stitches. For instance, if your first chain consists of 25 stitches, then the second row and all the rest will have to be the same number of stitches. Except in cases wherein you are crocheting a decrease or increase.

Crochet offers a lot of freedom for original ideas. It is a skill that takes some effort and determination to be able to master it. Just like any skill, crochet for beginners includes some basics to learn, and, when mastered can make it easier for you in the future.