Instructions on How to Make Fabric Flowers

Handcrafted flowers have become a fashionable accessory for a wide range of fashion clothing and jewellery. Whether it is an attractive necklace, a corsage, a head hugger or a cotton apparel; it always adds some flare to your outfit.

However, fabric flowers that are knitted from silk or satin always look stylish. If you know how to make fabric flowers, there are so many designs that you can create. You can also find many floral patterns on the Internet and incorporate specific designs in your apparel.

How to Make Fabric Flowers from Satin

  • The materials you need for sewing a satin rose for your clothing include chiffon fabric or synthetic cloth, needle, thread, candle, and seed beads.
  • Cut the fabric in a rose petal shape. Make several pieces enough to create a thick cluster. The petals should be in almost circular shape. The petals that are placed in the middle must be small compared to the ones surrounding it.
  • Now, hold every single petal over the flame of the candle so that you can melt the sides. Next, you will see that the edges have become stiff and curled. Make sure the fabric does not burn.
  • Paste or sew the smaller rose petals tightly. Doing that will create the centre of the flower. Continue to attach the petals one by one to form a cluster.
  • After you have completed the flower, attach a clip to the flower base so that you can secure it on the dress, sandal straps, or bands. It is possible to make a bouquet from various kinds of fabric flowers and arrange them artistically in a flower vase.

How to Make Fabric Flowers on Cards

  • You will need a sewing needle, chiffon fabric, thread, glue, chalk, scissors, and card. In the process of making fabric flowers, you need to cut out patterns of various flowers and glue them in the card stocks.

 To get you started, draw the flower outline on the chiffon fabric. Next, sketch the flower by using chalk.

  • Use scissors to cut the outline. The flower pattern will be simple when you paste the fabric on your cardstock mould.
  • Use scissors to cut the uneven corners of the card to get the form of the flower. Apply the same technique when adding the stem and leaves to the flower.

Choosing a Center for Your Fabric Flower

When picking the appropriate centre for your fabric flower, take the colour and design in mind. You should also consider the usage of the flower. If you are opting for a trendy type of flower, you can even use a nice bottle cap. On the other hand, if you want to create a more elegant look, a crystal or fabric embellishment is a more suitable choice when learning how to make fabric flowers.

The raw materials are available on the market when you want to know how to make fabric flowers. There is also hardly any stitching needed. You can experiment with different kinds of colours, designs, and garments. Once you master the craft, the flowers you create will be beautiful and stylish, thanks to your patience and creativity.

Happy Crafting! 🙂