Learn How to Knit Easy Patterns – Perfect for Newbies

Knitting is a simple form of art and gets deeper as you master the variety of styles and techniques involved in it. As a beginner, it is essential to learn how to knit the basics first, to create a solid foundation for the more complex knitting patterns later on. Follow the easy guidelines below which will give you a head start for doing the most basic, but essential tricks in knitting.

The Principles of Knitting

You can easily learn how to knit, and there is no need to all upset. You can finish your projects in no time, but first, know the essentials of knitting.

Cast On

It is the fundamental stitch that a newbie needs to learn. Let us get started with the cast on stitch. Remember that the starting point in learning how to knit is to create a slip knot. The slip knot forms a kind of loop that plays a crucial part in a knitting task.

As soon as you created a loop in the yarn, put back and pull the stitch through the loop. Pick a needle that you can use for the slip knot to pass through. Next, pull the yarn so that the loop will close. How tight the stitch is against the needle is what you call a tension.

Knit Stitch

This kind of stitch is similar to the cast on stitch. To make a knit stitch, put the needle that is in your left hand at the front of where your right needle is. Position the needle in your right hand wherein the yarn is twirling around the needle.

Next, shift the needle in the right hand to the front. Afterwards, take out the loop of the yarn from the needle in your left hand. Continue with the knit stitch up to the point where you get to the last row.

Purl Stitch

This is the kind of the opposite of the knit stitch. When it comes to the purl stitch, put the needle that is placed on your left hand in the back of the needle to your right. Place the left-hand needle in a manner that it the yarn is covering it. The needle in the left hand must be transferred in front. After that, take out the loop of the yarn from the needle on your right.

Bind Off

These two stitches are done by raising the stitch found in the needle placed in your left hand over the direction of the needle in your right hand. Many people want to learn how to knit like this to give their project a complete look.

For the finishing touches, the knitting stitches must continue until the time you have no more stitches on the left hand and one left on your right. Next, pass the stitch through the needle, and cut the thread of the yarn.

As a beginner, you may limit yourself to work with easy styles, but you could move forward and experiment with various colours. Using various colours of wool can put a variety to your knitting patterns. As you become knowledgeable about the basic knitting techniques, you would know how to knit efficiently and be bold enough to explore other knitting patterns.

Happy Crafting 🙂