Certifed Home Inspector Services

Many people are interested in investing in real property or starting their own realty business. The question is often asked how to become a certified inspector. It’s not as difficult as you might think. You can easily get a job at an inspection company or start your own home inspection business with your CHA certification.

Contacting one of the major national inspection associations, such as the CHA, would be the first step. Once you have chosen the state where you want to work, you can contact your local REIA. Each state has its own REIA chapter that can provide you with contact information for the CHA. Some REIA chapters can be found at the office of your state’s department of insurance. For example, West Virginia Beach. Other REIA chapters can be found at the office of your local county clerk.

If none of these options appeal to you, then you can search for a state board or examiners. To find a list of approved inspectors in your area you would need to contact your state board of examiners. They often keep a list of all registered inspectors. You must be a member in good standing of the state board to be allowed to register with them.

Once you have found a list of REIA chapters in your area, you will want to contact each one and fill out an application. The application will ask you for your contact information and for the education you must have in order to be accepted to take the exam. Typically you will be asked to submit proof that you have completed all your required education hours and that you have been approved to take the exam. Most examiners will ask you to submit forty hours of approved education. This includes both the approved courses by the state board and any technical classes you may have taken within the past ten years.

After you have submitted the application, you can begin the process to become a certified home inspector. The chapter will require you to attend either a one-day, or two-day training course. The certification is valid for one year. Most chapters will recertify your inspector every two-years. After obtaining your certification, inspectors are allowed to work on construction sites without the need to recertify. If you choose to re-certify your inspector will need to take an additional exam.

After receiving your certificate you will be able to start looking for jobs. You will need to complete high school in order to be licensed as a home inspector. In addition to completing the necessary courses you will be required to pass a state board exam and pay a one-time application fee. Once you have passed the test you will be mailed your certificate. Keep all necessary identification documents, such as your registration and license, close by.

After your application has been accepted, you will receive a payment check. This will be held until you return it to get your license. You will receive the certificate and fee via mail. You will then be able to apply for jobs at various contractors and home improvement stores. In order to complete the required number of completed high school hours and pass the state exam, you will need to complete a state approved training program.

Click the links below to learn more about the national home inspection examination and other regulations that affect home inspectors in your locality. Follow the links to learn how you can become a licensed home inspection. If you would like to become a certified home inspector you must register with the NHR exam and complete an approved training program. In order to find out more about becoming a certified home inspector follow the links below. You may need to meet specific state requirements, or you may be exempted from certain requirements.